Why Backpackers Should Have a Blog

Why Backpackers Should Have a Blog

Are you lucky enough to be currently back-packing across the globe or to have previously done so? If so, are you blogging? Backpacker blogs make for a great read and can attract a huge following. No matter where you have travelled, you undoubtedly have stories to share, and there is a huge audience out there ready and willing to listen. Backpacker blogs receive an outstanding level of engagement as online readers find the content interesting enough to continuously share and engage with. There are many valid reasons as to why backpackers should have a blog.

Documented Memories

Forget for a moment about providing interesting content for others, writing a blog allows you to document memories and experiences which prove an interesting read for you to look back on in the future. When you are travelling from country to country, it can be easy to forget some information or memories along the way. By documenting your experience in a blog, your memories will remain timeless. That’s why it’s worth the time to find a domain name, pick a reliable hosting provider (this fatcow review and this hostmonster review will set you on the right track).


Interact With Other Backpackers

Blogging puts you before the eyes of other backpackers, who will undoubtedly form the core base of your audience. You never know where your travels could take you when you set off back-packing so getting to know other backpackers over the web could help you to establish viable contacts. My friend ended up getting a free place to stay in Thailand and starting his own company all from the networking he did with his travel blog. Sharing your blog posts via popular back-packing forums and online communities can help you to interact even further with other backpackers.


Share Interesting Experiences

Undoubtedly on your travels, you will experience unusual situation, encounter unusual people and have an overall unusual time! These are encounters and experiences worth sharing with not just your friends but with backpackers around the globe. Who knows, you may not have been the only one to experience such a situation! Sharing your experiences while travelling via a blog also gives you the opportunity to brag a little about the “amazing time” that you are having.

Inspire Others

Your blog posts may provide content which inspires others to go backpacking or travelling too. Reading about your experiences and viewing image content from your travels can be enough to inspire someone that they want a piece of the action and that they too want to go backpacking. If someone was undecided about travelling reading about real-life experiences and following updates from a real backpacker could be the factor which changes their mind.

Useful Information for Others

On your travels, you will pick up some useful information and your experiences will enable you to offer useful tips and advice for other followers. When travelling around several different countries, you need all the tips, advice and information that you can get, especially if you are a first time backpacker. Your blog can act not only as a source of interesting content, but of very useful content for others.

Why should you, as a backpacker, start a blog? To summarise, you can document your wonderful travelling memories, brag about your experiences, develop useful contacts in the form of other backpackers and give something back by sharing tips and advice. So what are you waiting for? Start your blog today!

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