The Colorado History Museum in Denver

The Colorado History Museum in Denver

Extensive Collection of Colorado Memories

If you are interested to learn about Indian buffalo hunts, early fur trappers, the Rocky Mountain mines, and oil railroads, you are in for a treat if you visit the Colorado History Museum. This museum concentrates on the early period of the 1800s when Denver first became a town and Colorado a state. This information is presented in various methods to make sure that it is appealing to as many people as possible. The information from the museum includes stories about the early people and the founding families presented through photos, artifacts, and dioramas.

Colorado History Museum in Denver 2  The first level of the Colorado History Museum presents permanent exhibits that tell the story of how Colorado was born. For instance, there are people who are big fans of the diorama created after WWII by the artists in the locality that lost their jobs. Instead of just hearing the story about how the early people lived in a camp, you can see these people as miniatures that are living in tents, swimming, horseback riding, and drying buffalo meat.

You will also find a big map that goes up to your hips. When you walk by this map, a taped narration will play. It explains how the Colorado landscape has changed over time and how people and rivers have moved. There is also a full size train, a mud house that still stands, and other realistic exhibits. The most special exhibit is the glass wall through which people can look and see the many things that the Colorado History Museum keeps in storage. Some of the more special items are placed in front so there are a few that are blocked.

This special glass gallery is found on the first floor and the exhibits inside it are always changing. Some of the subjects inside it have been local sandstone buildings, the Wild Bill Show, and how early immigrants lived. It explains how diverse Colorado residents are because of the many cultures that they have been exposed to.

Colorado History Museum in Denver 3A lot of people say that they love visiting the Mesa Verde Indian exhibit the most. There are also exhibits that talk about railroads and mining activities. There are also cowboy memorabilia, a collection that is said to be the most extensive in the United States.

The first floor of the Colorado History Museum also features a gift shop. Here you will find original Indian crafts as well as books about Colorado and other memorabilia.

Colorado History Museum in DenverThe building where the Colorado History Museum is housed was built in 2010, after having relocated to the old location it has been in since 1977. It also houses the Colorado Historical Society on the top floors.

There are also educational programs sponsored by the Colorado History Museum. Young people go there for the live performances and also participate in outreach activities. Colorado residents get five free entrance days per year.

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