Three Parks in one at the Riverside Park in Wichita, Kansas

Three Parks in one at the Riverside Park in Wichita, Kansas

Activities at the Riverside Park in Wichita

Wichita, KS is blessed with the grand and beautifully made park. The Riverside Park in Wichita has three main parks within itself. You can spend a day of relaxation with your family in the park and you will never regret coming there with your children. The whole park is divided into 3 main parks. There have been renovations done to the park in the recent years and new additions are welcomed by the visitors. There is a large fountain which has been installed in which children can play and also see the beautiful lighting that decorates the fountain. There is complete security and care taken when children are allowed in the water of the fountain.

Riverside Park in Wichita 2  The Central portion of the Riverside Park in Wichita is spread across a wide area of 58 acres. Situated at 720 Nims, the park has many places for children to play in the open or rest under large trees. This park also has a wildlife sector to it where people can see the amusing wildlife of Kansas. There are minks, foxes and beavers which can be seen in this area. Arranging a picnic for children in the Central Park is easy as there are picnic tables and green grass for children to play on. The Central park also has large sized parking areas where people have ample space to park and enjoy their day in the park.

Riverside Park in Wichita 3A romantic getaway is the Riverside Park North sector. This is a beautifully planned park and has only a few people coming here hence best for romantic walks on the greenery. There is a Park Villa which can be used by small groups for outings and lunches. The Villa is air-conditioned and an ideal place for a family get-together. The park is filled with the clear breezes from the nearby Arkansas River. The North park is situated 1029N and spreads over 30 acres of land.

For the adventurous and sporty people the south park of the Riverside Park in Wichita is the best place to visit. It is situated at 551W.  and has the Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis centre. Tennis can be enjoyed by one and all with the 14 tennis courts. There are handball facilities available as well for everyone who wants to sweat out the extra fat.

Riverside Park in Wichita

The Riverside Park in Wichita has all the necessary facilities and amenities that a family would want for a day filled with fun and frolic.

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